Oil and gas products

oil and gas

Liquefied Petroleum Gas, or LPG, is an essential component of the energy needs for countries struggling to reduce their carbon emissions as it is a much cleaner burning fuel. Used as fuel in heating appliances, cooking equipment, and vehicles, LPG is made during natural gas processing and oil refining. OPNCO has a steady supply of LPG from Russian oil fields and Middles eastern refineries. The LPG is extracted from heated crude oil at distillation towers and can be used as is or separated into its three primary parts: propane, butane and isobutene. We sell competitively priced LPG of consistent quality, and also arrange for shipping. OPNCO is a key player in the regional LPG market. Through our trading activities, we help refiners market a fuel that they might have flared or disposed of in the past.

jet fuel

Jet fuel is a middle distillate, or a byproduct of refined crude oil, situated between the lighter and heavier crude oil factions. As its name suggests, it is used primarily to power jet engines. With more people flying than ever before, jet fuel demand growth is expected to rise in the coming decade. At OPNCO, we offer our expert knowledge and flexibility to respond promptly to supply and demand imbalances. We primarily deal in Jet A-1 fuel that we source directly from refineries throughout the MENA region. Our quality product is delivered on time.


We trade different grades and different packaging of bitumen. Our product range includes 30/40, 60/70, 80/100 amongst others. We deal in bulk, flexi bags, bitutainers etc.






Fuel oil is the primary propellant in the marine vessels that pump goods into all the worlds markets. Aside from providing bunker fuel and solutions to ships, we trade in large quantities of fuel oil. We carry RMG 180, RME 180, RMG 380, and various qualities of fuel oil to fill our client’s needs. Distilled from crude oil, but often left as residue during the oil refining process, nearly 10% of fuel oil produced is used to power large ships, a further 15% is used for heating, and the remainder is used by refineries as a feedstock for production of other fuels.


OPNCO is a known trader, supplier, and distributor of gas oil throughout our network of African, European, and South Asian partners. We carry gas oil from 10ppm to 1% sulfur. Gas oil has numerous applications, including powering the trucks, trains, and boats that transport nearly all the products people consume around the globe. As an active trader in global gas oil markets, we source products of consistent quality at competitive prices, provide transport solutions, and make punctual deliveries.


Crude oil is the lifeblood of developing and developed nations alike. At OPNCO, we source Middle East crude from national oil companies and crude equity holders. We provide crude from oil fields at competitive prices and aid in the shipping to refineries throughout the MENA region, with whom we have developed long-standing relationships. We work with producers to market and distribute their daily crude production, while helping refiners secure reliable and consistent supplies of the right quality crude at the right time. Ultimate transports crude oil and provides critical market insights and intelligence to our customers, as well as access to appropriate markets. As a physical trader, we can deliver crude anywhere our customers require through our Operations Division. We are a leading spot charterer of crude vessels and have a dedicated fleet of vessels to deliver crude oil where it’s needed.


LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) is a natural gas that is cooled down to -162 degree celsius (-260 degree fahrenheit). The process of conversion of this natural gas into a liquid form is done in order to ensure safety and ease of non-pressurised storage as well as transport. LNG comprises the properties of being non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive and colourless.



Gasoline is the driving force that powers development and commerce throughout the world. OPNCO supplies Russian gasoline from RON 92, to RON 95. We provide competitive prices, coupled with steady supply and expert delivery. OPNCO provides our customers with the gasoline specification appropriate for their region. We work with a range of refiners, oil companies, and distributers while also operating in a growing number of markets across Africa, Europe, South America, and South Asia. We offer a range of logistical assets the combine into the highest value for our customers.