OPNCO are facilitators for buyers and sellers of crude oil and are dedicated to providing top quality services to all our clients. We believe in and work with great integrity and uncompromising ethical standards.

We have access to a vast network of potential buyers and sellers in the oil and marine industry to rapidly broker or facilitate the buying and selling of OIL & GAS products, OIL Derivatives, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Clinker, Scrap, Equipment & Marine spare parts.

We have access to serious global sellers and buyers of a variety of light crude oil and refined petroleum products plus a process that both protects and speeds up the buying process for all parties involved.

OPNCO Partners work directly with end-buyers, end-sellers and buyer’s mandates for crude oil and petroleum products buying and selling. We extensively scrutinize and investigate our contacts to weed out fake buyers and sellers to achieve safe and smooth transactions for all parties involved.

OPNCO provides a range of specialist in supplying and engineering services to a diverse range of engineering industries, which include Power Generation, Marine, Petrochemical, Mining, and Offshore.

Our success has been based on proven engineering principles and years of hands on experience as a SHIP CHIEF ENGINEER on oceangoing vessels.

In the world of fierce competition and escalating production costs, OPNCO understands the importance of getting the job done on time and within budget.

OPNCO provides marine, onshore, offshore, Oil & Gas field procurement supply, repair & maintenance services, in line with strategic policies intended to achieve superior quality products and services offered and also control of environmental aspects and safety hazards. Besides we always focus on providing our clients with flexible services.

OPNCO also taking care of arranging the smooth international transport of each shipment.

The relationships built with us provide a quick and secure solution for transporting your shipment. Whether it is ocean liners, rail freight or an express delivery flight,

OPNCO will draw the shortest route and negotiate the best price for the volume of goods.

If you are a serious buyer or seller and need our services, please use call us, email us or use the form below or at the side bar to contact us and we will get back with you as soon as possible.