Shipping and Logistic

Overcome any International supply chain Challenge

Specialized dedicated transportation solutions, transportation management, freight brokerage, and freight forwarder.

Whether managing a load of freight, our transportation logistics portfolio is flexible, efficient, and dynamically in tune with your operation.

Our Dedicated Transportation Solutions, give you a right-sized fleet with specialized equipment, and innovative technology that provides all the benefits of a private fleet without the hassles of managing one.

Our network is strong and offers competitive rates across all modes.

With years of experience in this industry, our company has been able to create a network of partners across the world and expand it which helps us provide safe, reliable, economical, and customized logistics. Solutions for our customers and partners.

OPNCO works with a wide net of freight forwarders and has the expertise to arrange ocean freight shipments for your business. Whether you need to ship a container overseas or international ocean freight transportation, we can handle it with quality, speed, and responsibility.

No matter your challenge, we’ll find a solution.