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Marine Repair

Marine Repair Services 海事维修服务

At OPNCO Ship Management and Engineering Co.  we offer a comprehensive range of maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation and longevity of vessels. Our skilled team of professionals is equipped to handle various aspects of maintenance, including:

We specialize in a variety of repair services, including:

  • Main Engine Repair 主机修理
  • Auxiliary Machinery Maintenance 辅助机械维护
  • Crane and Hydraulic Equipment Servicing 起重机和液压设备服务
  • Hull Repair 船体修理
  • LSA & FFA Repair Service LSA和FFA修理服务
  • Bridge Equipment Service 桥梁设备服务
  • Governor and Turbocharger Maintenance 调速器和涡轮增压器维护
  • AC and Fridge System Maintenance 空调和冰箱系统维护
  • Piping System Services 管道系统服务
  • Engine Parts 发动机零件
  • Navigation Equipment 导航设备
  • Safety Gear 安全装备
  • Hydraulic Equipment Parts 液压设备零件
  • AC and Fridge System Parts 空调和冰箱系统零件
  • Piping System Materials 管道系统材料

Reconditioning Services 再制造服务

Our reconditioning services restore used parts to their optimal working condition, providing a cost-effective solution for shipping companies.