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Marine Supply

Marine and Offshore Spare Parts by OPNCO


At OPNCO, we specialize in providing high-quality marine and offshore spare parts to ensure the smooth operation and safety of vessels and platforms. Our extensive range covers essential components for various systems, machinery, and equipment. Whether you’re maintaining cargo cranes, hatch covers, or propulsion systems, we’ve got you covered.

Key Offerings 关键产品

  1. Hatch Cover Hydraulic Pumps: Choose from a comprehensive selection of hydraulic pumps designed specifically for hatch covers.
  2. Steel Wire Ropes for Cargo Cranes: Our class-approved steel wire ropes guarantee strength and reliability during cargo handling.
  3. Hoisting and Luffing Wires: Safely maneuver loads with our certified wires.
  4. Slings with End Thimbles: Secure lifting solutions for various applications.
  5. Electrical Components: From contactors and limit switches to overload relays and circuit breakers, we’ve got your electrical needs covered.
  6. Pressure Gauges and Sensors: Monitor critical parameters accurately.
  7. Safety Equipment: Smoke detectors, special lamps, and gas detectors enhance onboard safety.
  8. Bearings and Seals: High-quality ball bearings, roller bearings, and oil seals for pumps.
  9. Valves: Butterfly, globe, and gate valves in steel and cast iron.
  10. Heat Exchanger Spare Parts: Optimize heat exchange efficiency with our reliable components.
  11. Titanium Plates and Gaskets: Essential for LT and HT coolers.
  12. Flow Meters: Monitor diesel oil and fuel oil flow precisely.
  13. Wire Ropes for Gangways and Lifeboats: Safety-critical ropes for emergency situations.
  14. Pumps: Electric sump pumps, sea water pumps, and oil transfer pumps.
  15. Non-Asbestos Brake Lining: Safety-focused brake lining materials.
  16. Marine Equipment and Spares: We stock reputable brands like Yanmar, Deutz, MAN, and more.

Why Choose OPNCO? 为什么选择OPNCO

  • Reliability: Our spare parts undergo rigorous quality checks.
  • Expertise: Decades of experience in the maritime industry.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritize your needs and vessel safety.

Explore our catalog and partner with OPNCO for all your marine and offshore spare part requirements. Contact us today!